Made To Measure Stove Glass

Made To Measure Stove Glass

Made To Measure Stove Glass

We will cut your heat resistant stove glass to any size or shape for your wood burning or multifuel stove. Please measure the width and height of your stove glass in millimeters and then type these into the calculator and then click CALCULATE. If your stove glass is arched at the top then measure to the very top of the arch. If your stove glass has an odd shape then please measure the longest part of each side.

If your heat resistant stove glass is SHAPED then tick the box for shaped stove glass and send a traced outline to the address we will email you when you place your order. The £7.50 cutting from templated charge covers the additional work involved in grinding shaped glass to the required shape as heat resistant glass behaves differently to normal glass - so quite a lot of work involved with round shapes.

We only supply the very best SCHOTT ROBAX German engineered heat resistant stove glass which will withstand high temperatures up to 760 degrees Centigrade.

Default thickness is 4mm. Please call us if you require 5mm stove glass.

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